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8 ½” x 11” 250 pages, GBC Bind, Free Shipping in US   $24.95

Section One

Prayer Basics

         This section shows the steps to take to line up according to

Scripture and see your prayers answered.

Section Two

Scripture and Prayers

        The prayers are in first person so that you can pray them over yourself. Each prayer has a segment where you get yourself right with God. Then, through the prayer, as a blood bought, blood washed, child of the Living God, you bind all demonic forces. You bind demonic activity in the name of Jesus and in the power of Jesus’ authority given to us to use in that Name. There are also Scripture references for every prayer so that you can know that you are standing on the Word of God.

There are 84 different categories including:

         Abuse, Abuser, Addiction, Affliction, Agreement, Aids, Anger, Anxiety, Ask, Authority, Back-sliding, Barrenness, Believe, Bind and Loose, Blood, Bondage, Cancer, Cares, Children, Comfort, Compromise, Condemnation, Confidence, Confusion, Cult, Death, Deception, Deliverance, Depression, Ears, Eyes, Faith, Favor, Fear, Forgiveness, Grief, Guidance, Guilt, Healing, Heaviness, Help, Hope, Impossible-Possible, Joy, Judging, Life, Lonely, Lost Items, Love, Lust, Mercy, Mind, Miracles, Mountains, Need, Occult, Oppression, Others, Overcomers, Pain, Patience, Peace, Perverseness, Pride, Prosperity, Protection, Rebellion, Rulers, Safety, Salvation, Sin, Sleep, Strength, Suicide, Temptation, Thief, Travel, Trouble, Unity, Weak, Wisdom, Witchcraft, Words, Worry.

6” x 9”, 14 pages, center staple bound                                  $2.00

        “Why Jesus?” is a paraphrase about what happened in the Garden of Eden with the fall of Adam. It explains why we need Jesus as our Savior, and why He is the only One that can save us. It leads the reader into making a decision and includes a salvation prayer.

Why Jesus?                 $2.00

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Why Jesus?

Author Diane Kilde




Author Diane Kilde

Prayer Ministry Manual   $24.95

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                         by Diane Kilde

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