When it’s time to cross the wide valley and your eternity begins,

O, soul, are you ready and waiting so Jesus can welcome you in.

When the days draw near at the ready for your time on earth to be done,

Will you hear the Master call you, Child, come home, come home?

The Bible says there is only one way to heaven. Jesus made the way by the cross.

He laid down His life for you so you could rise above the dross.

He became sin for you that day. The sin of all mankind He bore to pay

Your debt and mine so we could be free, and look forward to heaven for eternity.

God, the Father, cannot live with sin, but He wanted us all to join with Him,

And make Heaven our home, so God sent Jesus and our sin He bore.

They beat Him and mocked Him and pulled out His beard.

They took the strap of nine tails and on His flesh laid furrows.

The Bible says Jesus allowed this so we could walk free of sickness and disease.

He did it that day for you and for me. Do you see the wonderful Jesus I see?

He took 39 lashes that day on His back, each one to pay for our healing and health.

I’ve heard it told that all sickness and disease falls into 39 different categories.

He paid it all that day. No sin, sickness or disease was left out.

He took it all upon Himself that day so we wouldn’t have to suffer that cost.

They placed a crown of thorns upon Jesus’ brow that pricked deep into His skin.

His blood ran down from the wounds He bore for us, as He stood in our place of sin.

Isaiah 53 says, He carried our pain, our sorrows and weakness He bore.

Upon Himself He allowed to be laid the chastisement that brings peace to our souls.

O, soul, do you know Him today, this One who went to such great lengths to pay?

Who suffered such torment to body and mind,

Taking on Himself sin and sickness for all mankind?

O, what love for you took Him to Calvary, to stand in the gap so you could walk free.

Do you know my Jesus today? He’s waiting to hear your heart say,

I believe in You, Jesus, and I ask You to save me,

Redeem me, deliver me, and sanctify me wholly.

    I give my life to You today.

It is as you believe in Jesus today, seeing the sacrifice of Himself that He gave,

That allows you to walk free and for all eternity, His glory and Heaven’s home to share.

You are the joy set before Him. He saw you from His heavenly throne.

He desired a family to dwell with Him through eternity long,

A family that would love and honor Him, and reign with Him  on high.

O, won’t you, precious soul, to His side draw nigh?

The day of His appearing is soon coming nigh, when He will split the eastern sky.

The Bible says Jesus will come riding on a cloud to call us to come.

Then all who’ve received Him as Savior and Lord will rise with Him and go home.

The Scriptures say that we’ll meet Him in the air. Our last battle on earth will be done.

The Savior of our souls will take us on high to reign with Him in Heaven above.

     Are you ready, O child, to be a child of His love?

For you see, it was love that took Jesus by way of the cross.

Love had Him pay such a terrible cost. He loved all mankind from the least to the greatest.

Jesus loved you so much that He made a way for you to be with Him for eternity long.

The price has been paid. He saved us from hell and will put in your heart a song.

Jesus did it all that day. He redeemed us from sin, sickness, death, and the torment of the grave.

He did it all when all our sins on Him fell. He defeated Satan and the principalities of hell.

He bore the burdens of our sins that should have been ours to bare.

He carried them down to hell. He stood in our place and paid the price of our sin well

    So all who would believe would be saved.

It’s a simple thing to make Heaven your home. It’s a simple thing to be free

Of all that rightfully would be the result of your sin. Just call out to Jesus and believe.

The Bible says that God so loved the world that He sent His only Son.

    That whosoever would believe on Him would be saved.

It’s ready there for the taking. Your part to enter in is to believe.

The choice is yours to make. Life and death before you waits.

Will you choose Jesus and life for your soul so your eternity is settled forever?     

I pray this day that Jesus will meet you, and in power Himself reveal.

    I pray that you will see Jesus’ heart that poured out all His life blood so you could be free.

    Won’t you make the choice today to believe?

The blood Jesus shed was pure. He was blameless and without sin.

That is why He could pay the price and take upon Himself our sin.

If He had ever committed a sin, then it could never have been so.

But He lived His life perfectly so He could save our souls.

Is it well today with your soul?

Have you looked beyond the now? Have you considered what lies ahead?

    Do you know if you were to die having rejected Jesus and the sacrifice of the blood He shed,

That you would be on your way to hell, your eternity settled forever?

For if you were to reject Jesus, the price of your sin would never be paid.

    That means that you would have to pay the price for all the wrong you have done.

You would have rejected the One who sacrificed Himself in your place

    And it would be left to you to pay the price and suffer the torment alone.

Can you receive it today? Jesus stood in your place?

    He became sin with your sin, and suffered the torment that was yours to pay.

He poured out His blood – that pure sinless blood – so we all could believe and receive.

Salvation is offered to you. It’s put in place at the ready.

    Settle it today, your eternity. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ so your can walk free.

He loves you with such a great love, that He chose to fight the devil there,

    And pay for you the awful price, taking upon Himself all the torment of hell.

O, soul, look to yourself this day. Look to truth, and ponder the future,

For it is this day your choice, eternity in hell, or eternity with the Savior,

The One who loved you enough to die. He laid down His life for you.

Receive Him today and He’ll be with you all along the way.

Jesus will bring you joy you have never known. Come boldly to the throne of God.

Accept the price of the Son and come on home.

If you truly prayed that from your heart, you are now a child of God.

    Watch, even this day, for the hand of the Savior; For you He’ll make a way.

    He’ll help you, guide you, and lead you in the way you should go.

I don’t promise you’ll never feel sorrow, but Jesus, Himself, will walk you through.

You’ll sense His power and presence, helping you in all that you do.

In the presence of the Lord is fullness of joy. You’ll sense His love and His joy.

No matter the situation you are in, He knows the best way to go on and how to win.

You’ll never be alone to face any battle, for the Greater One now lives in you.

As you seek Him and allow Him to be God in your life and circumstances,

He’ll show you the best way to go each day and empower you to walk it through.

May you be truly blessed in Your new life in Jesus.

Simply pray:

    Jesus, I believe You are the Christ, the Son of God. You died and were raised from the dead. You became sin for my sin. You paid the price for everything I’ve ever done wrong. I ask you to save me, deliver me, and heal me. I receive You as my Lord and Savior. I renounce sin, sickness, and disease. I renounce Satan and every demonic hold on my life. Thank You, Jesus, for saving me and healing me. Thank You, Jesus, for delivering me from my sin so I don’t have to go to hell to pay the penalty. I receive the sacrifice You made in my behalf in becoming sin for me, so I can make Heaven my home with You. Baptize me in Your mighty Holy Spirit and power, in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen and Amen.

If you prayed the prayer and accepted Jesus through this message, or this message touched your heart, it would be a blessing to us if you would go to the “contact us” page and let us know. We would like to rejoice with you, get some material into your hands if you need it, and make sure you are heading in the right direction with God.

O Soul,

Are You Ready?

by Diane Kilde

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