The following is what was laid on my heart as I was writing “Worship, The Highest Form of Prayer.”  Diane Kilde


Above and beyond the call to duty

Go the saints of the Almighty God,

Declaring My glory and My praise.

As they lift up My Son, Jesus,

And His name they raise,

I can bring all men unto Me.

It is above the call of duty to a call of love.


It is as My children love Me

With their whole heart,

Praising Me in the midst of all things,

That I am able all things to impart

And meet them at the point of their need.

I’ll do it today for each one

Who in loves lifts My name high in praise

And honors and loves My Son, Jesus,

Proclaiming Him Lord all their days.

Then, I will hear from Heaven

And make their way clear

To walk free and protected in all ways in Me.


In praise and worship is the Key–

The Key that will unlock all things,

That will open the gates of Heaven

And pour out what you need.

I inhabit the praises of My people;

So when you praise, I am there.

As you release the care of all things

To Me and worship Me

Trusting Me to handle your cares,

You will see Me move in your midst

And fulfill you and answer your prayer.


It is as you realize you hold no power

Apart from Me and My will.

You cannot change things and

Situations that are

And turn them around at your will.

Jesus spoke in John 15, saying,

“Apart from Me you can do nothing,”

Can bear no fruit for the Kingdom.

But as you live vitally united to the vine,

You will bear much fruit in Him.


Are you united with Me today?

Are you trusting Me come what may?

Are you seeking My face and My purpose clear,

Walking through your life My way

OR, do you only turn to Me now and again

When all around you looks black and threatening,

And you want My help and My power.

This is not a sometimes walk.

Don’t put Me on the shelf till disaster hits.

I want to ever be there for you,

And cause you to be blessed in all that you do.


You are all going to go through some hard times.

You live in a world with sin.

But as you choose to put Me first

And I inhabit you from within,

You’ll see I will make a way in the hard place,

And I will prepare the way for your feet.

I am able to protect you

From the dangers that lie in wait to cause defeat.

As you accept Me and believe for Me to be your refuge

And your hiding place, I’ll be there.

I’ll hide you in the time of trouble

And give you shelter and protection there.


My grace is ever for you.

My mercy is strong and true.

It is new every morning to touch you,

And bring My peace and My love to you.

If you miss it and fall into sin,

Don’t stay in the sin and let it entrap you.

Just quickly repent and call on Jesus’ name.

His blood is still flowing to cleanse all your shame.

My hand will reach out and restore you again.

I stand ready to comfort you there.


I’ve promised never to leave you or forsake you.

But when you give your attention to sin,

And you put it first before Me,

Then you are the one that closes the door

To hear My voice clear in that hour.

Will you let it all go today,

The sin, the shame, the cares of this life?

Will you let me come in and with you abide

Every second your whole life through?

Will you honor Me sure and give Me praise?

Will you worship Me in the midst of the storm?

Even in the midst of hard times,

Will you trust Me to work all things for your good?


Come up higher in Me.

I long to fellowship with you there.

I am waiting and desiring My children

To meet Me at the place of prayer,

To look and see what I’ve done for you

And offer up worship and praise.

Know that I am for you

And I will make a way, even today.

Go beyond the call of duty.

Come in love to Me who is LOVE.

Worship Me at the throne of My grace.

I will meet you there.

© Diane Kilde

© Prayerline Ministries

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